Alpine Tech Solutions L.L.C.

Alpine Tech Solutions (ATS) is a Limited Liability Company owned and operated by Brian Johnston in Cedar Crest, New Mexico, U.S.A.. Due to working in the tech industry for over 21 years, Brian is associated to an extensive network of professionals ranging from Certified VMware Adiminstrators and Microsoft Certified System Administrators to software engineers with specialties spanning the tech industry. Previously, Brian owned and operated JTech Software. For about five years JTech Software developed and sold software applications such as Wireless Secretary Pro for Outlook and Wireless Secretary Server for Microsoft Exchange Server and provided contractual services to the U.S. Air Force. In the years before smartphones Wireless Secretary Pro for Outlook was very popular with emergency responders because it sent Microsoft Outlook calendar reminders and Microsoft Outlook email messages to wireless text pagers. It included "chunking" algorithms which intillegently broke content up into multiple text messages. Wireless Secretary Server for Exchange Server was requested by the Department of Defense to dispatch calendar reminders and email messages to pagers of an entire enterprise from their Microsoft Exchange servers. For several years Microsoft offered Wireless Secretary for Outlook to download from the Microsoft Outlook web site. Site licenses were purchased by many of the big tech firms of the era including Motorola, Compaq, Intel, Hewlett Packard and others. Here are some testimonials from a few of the satisfied customers.


"Solid Product. I have not missed an appointment yet. Very reliable. thanks! Keep up the good work and information."

Customer - R2 Corporation

"I just wanted to take a quick minute and say what an excellent product you have developed. I have been looking for this type of product and am very happy about finally finding it."

Customer - IntelliNet Corporation

"Thanks a lot, I appreciate your quick response. I have referred your product to many people already ... Good luck with your continuing and well placed efforts!

Customer - TIGSD

In addition to the products described above, JTech Software provided computer system development services on contracts with the U.S. Air Force Safety Center and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. At the U.S. Air Force Safety Center, Brian led the development of a web-based online transaction processing system named the Safety Automated System. At last count SAS served over 2000 U.S. government personnel at Air Force bases all over the world. Brian also acted as the Oracle database administrator for the G2 System which was a financial system which helped project managers manage budgets for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory.

Alpine Tech Solutions Mission

Now years later, Brian has a new vision for Alpine Tech Solutions which shall also focus on developing computer and mobile application products and computer system development services. This time the business will not be limited by the efforts of Brian Johnston alone. Rather, Brian shall apply what he has learned to consolidate and manage technical resources. Brian is well prepared to use his 21 years of experience to manage both dedicated and virtual resources to accomplish what customers require.

Several attributes set Alpine Tech Solutions apart, including skills, dedicated customer support, hard work and the Alpine Tech Solutions Computer System Development Methodology. Alpine Tech Solutions is dedicated to providing solutions which increase profits, lower costs, speed up production and improve quality. Feel free to contact us so Alpine Tech Solutions can help you provide your business tools for success.