Database Spatial Enablement

Important enterprise information changes constantly and databases keep that information organized in a common format so it can be used in many different ways such as on reports, in spreadsheets, on websites and maps. Now mainstream use of interactive map applications such as Google Maps have opened people's eyes to more possibilies of using enterprise information in spatial ways. This realization has brought the benefits of Enterprise Geographic Information Systems (EGIS) into nearly every industry. Some industries have traditionally used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for decades to produce maps, but these maps typically stand alone outside the main flow of data generated by the business itelf. Now, technologies exist to integrate the power of GIS applications into existing business processes through enterprise database spatial enablement. This area of expertise involves understanding complex technologies which use geospatial database extensions and / or ESRI ArcSDE to automate data spatial enablement. ATS has the experience to spatially enable large DB2, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database using these technolies.

How To Spatially Enable Business Information Systems