Geographic Information Systems Programming

Thanks to popular GIS websites such as Microsoft Virtual Earth, Google Maps and television, GIS technology is widely accepted by millions of people. As more people reallize the advantages of GIS more of them expect GIS functionality within Business Information Systems. This is a reallistic expectation because almost all business oriented databases have geograhic data elements that can be rendered upon maps and applied to GIS. The benefit is, by using these geographic data elements to visualize data upon maps in colorful multi-dimensional styles, organizations are able to find information in their data that could not be found any other way. For example, petroleum companies find profitable oil wells that were once lost in seas of tabular data because they suddenly stand out when symbolized with other geographic features on maps. Trucking company executives instantly spot where their trucks drive most and then make better decisions on multi-million dollar real estate purchases. Now considering advantages such as these can be reallized by other industries as well, spatial enablement of the Business Information System is a smart and growing trend. ATS specializes in helping businesses spatially enable Business Information Systems with ESRI, Google, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft tools.

The ATS staff has a long history of developing Custom GIS Software Applications with ESRI ArcGIS for Server, Microsoft .NET and Adobe Flash Builder. These technologies enable ATS to deliver GIS solutions spanning mobile devices, internal networks and the Internet. ATS solutions increase efficency by automating workflows. Of course, ATS solutions emphasize security first, utilizing the same cryptographic technolies found in online banking systems. ATS uses current technologies for building applications and/or supporting projects such as:

  • Server OS Platforms - Windows Server, Linux, UNIX, AS 400
  • Cloud Platforms - Amazon, Google, Soflayer, Arvixe, Three Essentials
  • Desktop OS Platforms - Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Mobile OS Platforms - Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Programming Languages- VB, C-Sharp, Java, Javascript, Flex, Python
  • Web Development Frameworks – ASP, Flex, Siliverlight, HTML5, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Dojo, jQuery
  • Databases: Oracle, SQL Sever, MySql, Postress, MS Access, PouchDB, CouchDB
  • ArcGIS Server Web APIS: Flex, Siliverlight, Javascript, Web ADF
Many ATS software development projects fall into two categories:
  • Web-based applications, using VS.NET, Flex / Flash Builder, SQL Server, Oracle and / or ArcGIS Server Web APIs
  • ArcGIS Desktop extensions using VS.NET and the ArcGIS Desktop Developers Kit