Mobile App Development

Not all mobile applications are truly mobile. Many are actually web applications which fail when the mobile device looses network connectivity. ATS builds true, stand-alone mobile applications, such as the Data-Easy Field Data Collector, which run on smartphones and tablets and continue to function when not connected to the Internet. For example, ATS has experience developing a mobile application which is used by field engineers in Afghanistan to perform facility and equipment assessments. This application functions in the most remote regions gathering data, pictures, GPS coordinates, compass headings and elevations. When the field assessment teams return to the office, the data gathered is automatically uploaded to a Geographic Information System where it is loaded into reports, photo logs and shown on interactive maps. In more connected regions of the world, the app can upload and download data, pictures, GPS coordinates, compass headings and elevations over the 3G and 4G cellular networks while the field engineers are deployed. Previously, the field engineers deployed with a paper tablet, digital camera, hand held GPS and a compass. Now they deploy with only a Samsung Galaxy III smartphone. One big benefit is the smartphone app elimates the process of writing down the latitude and longitude numbers on paper field notes, returning to the office and once again typing the latitude and longitude numbers into a spreadsheet. Now, the coordinates, and all the other data now collected digitally on the smartphone, is no longer succeptable to human errors.